GB Labs presents EasyLTO


Content professionals and teams are experiencing astronomical storage growth numbers in excess of 50%**. Advanced LTO-7 tape technology allows you to handle even the toughest challenges of long term storage with 15TB of compressed data and 6TB uncompressed digital data per cartridge, however most locally attached LTO’s are not a shared resource and are incapable of being used over a network. To make matters worse, restoring a project from tape can take up to 4 hours or more!


Introducing EasyLTO from GB Labs, the network sharable all-in-one backup and archiving solution designed to be used by creative and business professionals. EasyLTO comes with a Wizard based menu to make all archiving tasks easy and quick. The system also supports accelerated throughput at 300Mbps to save you time. Advanced security with the inclusion of TAR and LTFS to protect what is most important to your projects while giving you the ability to exchange files with any other standard LTO systems. Do you have projects trapped in a different LTO system? Set them free by using our built-in support for importing entire catalogs from third party vendors. Safely handling growth demands of your projects is a breeze. Time to take control of your media content demands, EasyLTO PRO with SmartBackup by GB Labs.


Key Features

  • SmartBackup is a truely Integrated Nearline Storage
  • Available Internal Storage includes 24TB in Raid 5
  • Access your recently archived projects instantly
  • Wizard driven LTO User Interface
  • Support for LTFS and TAR
  • Support for LTO6 and LTO7
  • Dual 10GbE/1GbE Ethernet RJ45
  • Plug your USB and NAS drives right into the back

About GB Labs
The Intelligent Storage product range built by GB Labs, represents 16 years of storage innovation in the media industry, serving our customers needs from ingest to archive and everything in between. We empower creative workflows worldwide to some of the best-known names in media and entertainment.
Our media storage is easily scalable in both capacity and performance and with minimal downtime. Multiplatform functionality and compatibility makes for seamless integration with other storage solutions. 
Every GB Labs product has intelligent workflow tools built in, no drivers to install and no software licensing. You can rest assured your work is always safe and available.